Mark Benesh Auction – please read – bidding still open today!!!

We apologize but the auction site expired a wee bit early…please call if you would like to bid today on these items: 319-895-2682

Palisades Park in the Fall – current bid 150.00, next bid 175.00

Palisades Down by the Dam 2 – current bid 100.00, next bid 125.00

Oak Tree at Palisades – current bid 200, next bid 225.00

Palisades Down by the Dam – current bid 275.00, next bid 300.00

You can view these pieces in the online gallery and there is also a Buy it now pricing. All proceeds for to the MVMS art program for these pieces.

Sorry for the mix up, please call and bid now at 319-895-2682. Thanks!