MVMS Mustang Fundraiser

This auction is an opportunity to support the Mount Vernon Middle School students, staff and programs.

**You must be over 18 years old to bid in this auction.**

It is with great appreciation that we thank the Mount Vernon Area Arts Council (MVAAC, – the sponsor of this online auction. MVAAC members also shared their time and talents with us by creating some of the wonderful art pieces listed here.

Most of the other pieces were created by MVMS students; a staff member and a couple of parents created pieces as well. When possible, names of the artist are provided in the item listing.

Artists and students were given a wooden cutout of the school’s mustang logo and were asked to express themselves however they desired. The dimensions of ALL of the pieces are approximately 28.5 inches from nose to tail and about 16 inches from the highest point of the mane to the lowest point on the hooves.

MVMS PRIDE thanks our primary sponsor, Gordon Lumber Company for the donation of all of the wood for this project.

We are also grateful to art teacher Mark Benesh who helped develop the idea of this auction. In addition, Benesh and our principal, Bob Haugse and his father, Tom Haugse cut out each of the mustang silhouettes that were painted by our students and local artists.

Bob Haugse and Patty Mote also headed up the distribution of wood materials and collection of completed works – we certainly couldn’t have done this without their support – thank you!

Happy to support such a wonderful cause, Denise!