Portrayal of Mount Vernon

Portrayal of Mount Vernon 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Portrayal of Mount Vernon!

Susan Hargus

Join area artists as they use their creative skills to express their love of Mount Vernon Iowa. Painters, photographers, sculptors and other artist line the streets, parks and Cornell campus demonstrating their craft.

Then see the amazing results in the gallery in November.

Event Date – October 6th, 2018
Photo Walk – 8am (leaving from Mount Vernon Creates)
Artist Drop off – Nov 16th, 2018
Opening Reception – November 23rd, 2018
Exhibition – November 19th – January 25th, 2018

Attending Artists

Amy Bishop
Pat Coon – Main Street
Jeff Allen – Main Street (after 1 pm)
Marty Mitchell – Quarry
Steve Maravetz – Corner of 7th Avenue and 3rd Street NW
Dean Traver – Photographer
Susan Hargus – Quarry
Sue Coleman – The Gathering House
Barb Bardsley – Main Street
Barbara Weets – First Brick
Hugh Lifson – Visitor Center
Katrina Garner – First Brick
Nancy Lindsay – Alice’s Wonderland (a.m.) Quarry (pm)
Donna Jelmeland – Main Street (across from Vintage 1891)
Robert Murphy – Photo Walk
Sue Biederman
Robert Schueler – Highway 1 and 1st Street
Eli Ehlinger – Gazebo
Denise Murphy – Mount Vernon Creates
Glen Ehlinger – Gazebo
Jim Lewis – Gazebo
Bonnie Ahrens (and HS students, 3 pm)
Cindy Motsinger – Main Street
Tony Potter – Main Street
Lianne Westcot – Cornell
Gary Seigel – Photographer
Rich Herrmann – Photographer

Are you an artist interested in joining our event?

Please contact Denise Murphy at (319)895-2682 orĀ Denise@MountVernonCreates.com

Artist Details
–Artists can choose to create anywhere within Mount Vernon, IA i.e. Cornell, main street, residential, quarry, palisades, abbey creek, person, etc and any medium is accepted into this event. We will ask for your location(s) prior to the show in order to let spectators know where there are artists.
–Artists packet pick up will be at Mount Vernon Creates the morning of the show starting at 8:00am. Usually we have some nice sponsor goodies/discounts so, be sure and pick this up during the morning. We will also have a light breakfast. Artists can stop by any time during the day for bottle water, snacks and networking.
–Artists are expected to create from 9 am – 4 pm on the day of the event, some artists like to get out early and stay late and that is great!
–The photo walk will start the morning of the event at 8 am from Mount Vernon Creates, all are welcome.
–Artists drop off for the exhibition will be Nov 16th. This year’s exhibition will be at Mount Vernon Creates. Please have your pieces ready for display, i.e. framed, wire, etc. Please also have your name, the piece name, medium and amount you would like to sell the piece for ready. (The gallery will take commission if pre-sponsored or sold during the exhibition/event, please ask for details if you have not worked with us before.)
–All levels/ages of artists and mediums are welcomed. (commission will not be taken for student artists)