Unbridled Spirits Fundraiser Gallery

Unbridled Spirits Gallery:  These pieces were all created on Oct 21, 2018 at Unbridled Spirits in Lisbon, IA.  Please do not reproduce these images in any way, they are posted for purposes of purchasing the art work.  If you have interest in purchasing any of these pieces or have questions, please contact Mount Vernon Creates at 319-895-2682 or email denise@mountvernoncreates.com

The opening reception is Friday Dec 7th from 6 – 8 pm.

The exhibit will be extended thru Feb 28th at Mount Vernon Creates, 121 1st ST NW Mount Vernon, IA 52314.

Many of these pieces have proceeds going to Unbridled Spirits.  They are now discounted from 10 – 30%.  Ask us about our specials…in some cases 100% goes to this wonderful cause.

Join us in person, there is nothing like seeing the exhibit in person and in its entirety!


‘Kindred Spirits’ by Andrea Keech
Acrylic, 195.00 SOLD
Gold Framed, 26×22 1/2
The Cracked Canoe, Deb Weiser
Acrylic. 150.00
Famed Black, 23 x 19
‘Bashful’ by Dean Traver
Photography, 100.00
Framed, Brown, 14 x 18
‘Unbridled Pasture by Dean Traver
Photography, 145.00
Framed Black, 23 x 19
La Gola Fuori Mura by Hugh Lifson
Watercolor, 350.00
Framed charcoal, 17 x 21
‘Early Light at Quarry by Duran Pearson
Watercolor, 150.00 – SOLD
Framed light wood, 13 x 16
Terra Luna, Puertoquena by Andrea Keech
Acrylic. 195.00 SOLD
Framed Gold, 26 x 22 1/2
”For Unto Us a Child is Born’ by Andrea Keech
Acrylic, 150.00
Framed Gold, 17 x 21
‘Safe Landing’ by Andrea Keech
Acrylic, 195.00
Framed Barn Board, 19 x 23 1/2
‘Barn’ by Brogan Rose
Acrylic, 50.00
Image 8 x 10, barn board backing 11 x 17
‘Grazing’ by Brogan Rose
Acrylic, 50.00 – SOLD
Image 8 x 10, barn board backing 11 x 17
‘Quarry’ by Brogan Rose
Acrylic, 50.00
Image 8 x 10, barn board backing 11 x 17
‘Unbridled Spirits by Nancy Lindsay
Oil, 395.00
Unframed 18 x 18
‘Quarry Road’ by Nancy Lindsay
Oil, 295
Framed Silver, 14 1/2 x 15 1/2
Fleeting Fall Colors’ by Lianne Westcot
Acrylic, 275.00
Framed Light Wood, 14 1/2 by 15 1/2
Goldenrod by the Quarry Pond by Lianne Westcot
Acrylic, 245.00
Framed Light Wood, 11 1/2 x 9 1/2
‘One to Tango’ by Andrea Keech
Acrylic, 195.00
Framed Gold, 22 1/2 x 26

Call to Artists!!!

Fundraiser for Unbridled Spirits Hosted by Mount Vernon Creates
121 1st ST NW Mount Vernon IA 52314

This is an opportunity to create on site at Unbridled Spirits with other artists.

Event Date: Sunday Oct 21st 2018 (On site at Unbridled Spirits)
Sign up deadline: Oct 18th 2018  (Mount Vernon Creates)
Art Drop off art work: Nov 25th 2018 (Mount Vernon Creates)
Opening Reception: Dec 7th 2018 (Mount Vernon Creates) 6 – 8 PM
Exhibition: Dec 4th – Feb 28th 2018 (Mount Vernon Creates) – Extended through Feb.
8:00 check in and tour for spot selection
9:00 – 12:00 Ambassadors to model
8:00 – 4:00 event

Unbridled Spirits is a place where retired race horses run free.  As you might imagine the cost to care for these animals is huge.

The mission is to preserve the honor and dignity of these amazing athletes by offering a retirement option to these racing thoroughbreds whose racing, breeding, and competitive careers come to an end.

For more information: www.unbridledspiritsottb.org/

Fee: 20.00 entry fee goes to Unbridled Spirits.  All artists welcome.
Student Fee: 10.00 must be 14 to participate (student 14 – 18, parent will need to sign waiver)

Pay at Mount Vernon Creates and sign your waiver by Oct 18th to participate in this event.

Artists signed up to date (10/20/19):
Deb Weiser
Robert Murphy
Andrea Keech
Doran Pearson
Brogan Rose
Nancy Lindsay
Dean Traver
Hugh Lifson
Lianne Westcot

Artist Details:
–Artists check in will be at Unbridled Spirits the morning of the show starting at 8:00 am.
–Artists will be shown various locations on site at unbridled spirits or you can roam on your own to find the perfect location.  There are horses, goats, chickens, a quarry, rolling hills, a beach, paths, ponds, and beautiful trees to choose from.  There will also be an opportunity to create images of the ambassador models per the schedule.
–There are some locations you can drive into such as the beach, other locations we can get you to via a gator or of course there’s always the sneaker net.  (up to you)  Some area require a hike so, travel lightly if you plan to explore.
–Near the gate, there is plenty of opportunity to create as well if you prefer not to roam too far.
–Dress for the weather but, also for the environment.  (boots, coat, sweatshirt, old clothes, hat)  It was a beautiful day the day I toured but, wear what you would wear working on a farm so that you can enjoy exploring and not worry about getting a little dirty.
–What to bring…any art supplies you need.  Also, clean up supplies (water).  Other suggested items: chair, spray, lunch, snack, water, towel, blanket, beverages, camera, binoculars, etc.
–The event is planned until 4.
–Artists drop off for the exhibition will be Nov 25th at Mount Vernon Creates. Please have your pieces ready for display, i.e. framed, wire, etc. Please also have your name, the piece name, medium and amount you would like to sell the piece for ready.
–All levels/ages of artists and mediums are welcomed. (commission will not be taken for student artists, entry for students in the fundraiser is 10.00.  Must be 14 to participate given the offsite location of the event, parent will need to sign waiver.)
–Commission to be taken during exhibition for sold pieces. If you have not worked with this gallery in the past, please ask for details.


Please contact Denise Murphy at (319)895-2682 or <a href=”mailto:Denise@MountVernonCreates.com”>Denise@MountVernonCreates.com</a>