Denise’s Art Page

Denise’s Art Page

Denise Murphy started Alcohol Inks Painting about 5 years ago at the prompting of a fellow artist. She enjoys the vibrancy of the medium and allowing the medium to flow freely. She is always experimenting with new techniques with this medium and stretching the viewer’s imagination.  She uses recycled materials to get the textures and dimensions to her pieces.  It is interesting and intriguing to watch the viewer try to look inside the paintings because of the textures and dimensions created.  In some cases, giving the appearance of 3D.

Denise’s Alcohol Ink paintings have been displayed most recently at the Muscatine Art Center Art Array-20, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art “Into the Blue” exhibit, DKW Gallery, NewBo Evolve Art Festival, Lincoln Highway Arts Festival, Mount Vernon Creates Gallery, Univ of IA Pappajohn Biological Discovery Building, and The Art Cellar. One of Denise’s most recent projects was to create an Alcohol Ink Painting everyday of 2016, titled the “365 Series”.

Denise has also been accepted into the Maquoketa Art Experience 2020 exhibition later in 2020.

Pushing the boundaries in size as well, she recently (April 2020) finished a 12″ x 4′ (image) Rainbow Series commissioned piece.

April 2020 Rainbow Series Image 12″ x 4′ – SOLD
2019 Newbo Art Festival Booth Alcohol Ink Paintings

This piece was accepted in the ‘Into the Blue’ Art exhibit at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art in 2019 (Aug/Sept). This was an all Iowa juried show. 17% of entrants were accepted, what an honor. Sold to a beautiful home prior to the exhibit.

Alcohol Ink Painting 30″ x 40″ – SOLD

This piece was accepted into the “ART  ARRAY – 20

Juried Exhibition Sponsored by Muscatine County Arts Council & Muscatine Art Center

1ST Place

Alcohol Ink Painting 30″ x 40″ SOLD

Above: Created in April 2020. I Love the vibrancy and ripple effect of these abstract images.

Above: Created in August 2020. I love the simplicity of these images and the hint of landscapes.

All images above 30″ x 40″, Alcohol Ink Paintings, 2020